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12 December 17:30Impact Hub

Her Success is not my failure

Have you ever done something that you are proud of yourself for achieving, only to turn around and realize that those around you are giving you an underwhelming response? Have you felt as though you are battling against other women you work with for no logical reason? Perhaps you have felt envious that things seem to always go right for your female co-workers and not for you.

These are common feelings that women face in their professional and personal lives, yet it is rarely brought to the forefront of conversation. You are not alone! On December 12th we will confront these issues, discuss them openly and provide you with tools to cope with these feelings and situations. We have an amazing panel that will assist in steering this conversation.

Following the panel and open discussion, 3 of Stockholm's budding female entrepreneurs will pitch their startups to the audience. Sound interesting? 

You should attend our event if you are:

An entrepreneur
Working in the technology sector or looking to move into it
Working with a startup or interested in working for one
An investor looking to meet with founders
Looking to expand your professional network
Looking for a mentor
Interested in being a mentor, sponsor advisor, connector
Looking for inspiration to address diversity issues within your organization

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FemTech Sweden is an all-inclusive community 

FemTech Sweden is an all-inclusive community which we believe is imperative in order to get closer to achieving gender-diverse organizational structures in the technology sector. We encourage male supporters to attend our events by offering a way in which they can assist our network; whether it be as an investor, sponsor, mentor, advisor or connector. If you would like to join as a male supporter for FemTech Sweden, email us at info@femtechse.com and tell us how you would like to support.

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Speakers & Startups

Anna Stenberg
Investor & Board Member

Anna Stenberg is the founder and president of WES - an executive search firm with the vision to increase diversity on management level. Before launching WES, Anna held several leadership roles within MTG and she is today an active angel investor and board member of startups such as Tipser, Strawbees, Ingager, QuizRR, Citerus, Bofink among others.

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Jenny Lindbald
Pitch and Business Coach

Jenny Lindblad has advised more than 200 start-ups from all around the world on how to sharpen their pitch. She is the founder of ELIZA Communication, a specialist agency that focuses on creating powerful communication techniques for high-performance individuals, which will bring them success in game-changing situations. Jenny is also a business coach at Connect Öst, pitch coach at Tillväxtverket, mentor at Founders Institute, a Partner at the Keiretsu Forum and a speaking coach for TEDx.

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Emely Crona
Founder Heja Livet

Founder of the female network Heja Livet with an active Facebook of over 86 000 members.

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Jean Rose
Entrepreneur and Business advisor

Founder of SheSupp -  the female entrepreneur network turned company with the aim of empowering and equipping more women to become strong business leaders in todays society through entrepreneurship. Jean has a background in finance and accounting and having worked with funding for small to medium-sized enterprises, she saw the lack of female founders which was the start of SheSupp. SheSupp now facilitates workshops, and networking events to connect entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs and investors. Jean is also a business advisor at Startup Stockholm.

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Beatrice Ionascu
Co-Founder imagiLabs

imagiLabs are building tools and a community to get millions of girls to take their first and next steps into the world of programming. They do this through making the ultimate gadgets teens want to use to learn to code.  Launched this September, imagiLabs are getting ready for manufacturing and distribution for Spring 2019. They are looking for a corporate partner to join  in this first round of manufacturing: creating a thousand units of the imagiCase hardware module and distributing it through their coding workshops to girls between 9-16.

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Heidi Harman
Founder of Geek Girl Meetup + ProgressData.io

ProgressData.io is a SaaS startup for diversity analytics, which helps companies measure their diversity and provides research-based improvement suggestions; assisting companies to make informed decisions. ProgressData.io is currently on the hunt for those in HR positions looking to improve diversity within their organization. 

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Katarina Stensson
Co-Founder Checheza

Checheza aims at creating better education opportunities in developing countries, using technology. With a focus on early reading skills and mathematics, the beta launch of the company's first learning gamification product in Uganda last month, provides a locally relevant and accessible complement to school; empowering families when crowded classrooms and low-quality teaching hinders children's development. Checheza's scalable platform and partnership approach addresses both the issue of quality and relevance, and provides desperately needed innovation in the education space. Checheza is looking for investments and advisors with experience and interest in the African market, and educational content partners.

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Bring your business/networking cards

At all FemTech Sweden events, we encourage you not only to mingle with each other, but also to expand your professional networks. 

Perhaps you are looking for a new member to join your team at work, or looking for a co-founder to join you on your startup adventure! 

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